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No New NAFTA Now

"What is urgent is filing down the rough edges in order to establish an equitable agreement," he says. "What is not allowed in a treaty is that one side complies with its provisions and the other does not."

Most likely things will continue as they are, says Flores, as transportation users "are happy with the service they get in the U.S. and Mexican users are happy with our service. Since we are working perfectly well each within their own nation, I see no problem in keeping things as they are now." As for a relationship with Jimmy Hoffa, Jr.'s Teamsters, there is none.

"We've had occasional meetings to exchange ideas, but carriers do 't sign trade agreements. They have their territory, and we have ours. That said, let me make one thing clear: If Mexican carriers are not allowed into the U.S., then American carriers won't be allowed to come into Mexico." This means foreign investment in Mexican carriers won't be allowed as long as this situation prevails.

"This includes Mexican companies acting as fronts," concludes Flores. "We don't need their investment. We are competitive, have been in this business for 80 years, and will continue on our own."

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