Nokia Selects PLM Provider

Westford, Mass. — August 12, 2003 — MatrixOne, Inc. (NASDAQ: MONE), a leading provider of collaborative product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions for the value chain, today announced that Nokia (NYSE: NOK), the world leader in mobile communications, has decided to use MatrixOne’s PLM Solution as a Nokia-wide Product Data Management (PDM) platform to fulfill product development and manufacturing requirements. Previously relying on several applications from multiple vendors for their PDM needs, the company is standardizing on the MatrixOne solution due to its inherent flexibility, scalability and security.

By utilizing MatrixOne’s PLM solution across all worldwide business segments Nokia is able to more quickly respond to the ever-changing product requirements and new categories associated with the dynamic mobile communications market. Specifically, the use of MatrixOne’s offerings are allowing Nokia’s product development and collaborative manufacturing efforts to quickly respond to demands for new functionality and unique requirements within their products.

“By standardizing on MatrixOne, we are able to quickly respond to the rapidly evolving requirements of the global mobile communications market and are able to map these requirements through the Product Creation Process and the manufacturing phase,” said Olli Junnila, Director, PDM Solution at Nokia. “Because our product development efforts often involve partners who are also working with our competition, we needed a platform that can scale to support global usage and is secure enough to enable collaboration with external partners without jeopardizing our competitive advantage. With MatrixOne’s PLM offerings we can now reach our current and future goals, which is why we selected them as the Nokia PDM platform provider.”

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