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Northwestern University Provides Educational Opportunity at ProMat 2003

Northwestern University Provides Educational Opportunity at ProMat 2003 Offers “Information Management for Supply Chain Firms.”

There is an exceptional opportunity to increase the value of your ProMat 2003 visit to Chicago next month. Northwestern University is offering a parallel academic program, "Information Management for Supply Chain Firms." Faculty from the university's business and engineering schools will treat many of the topics most vital to materials flow and control.

• Case studies on the problems of managing information across a network supply chain;

• "Collaborative" forecasting techniques;

• "Transportation Management Systems" and other software problems;

• Other insights on finding value in the information assets in your business.

This Northwestern program will be held at McCormick Place in three half-day sessions. It is integrated into the ProMat 2003 schedule, allowing participants to take full advantage of ProMat 2003 events.

This program has been offered for more than a decade as part of the Northwestern Transportation Center's executive education series. For supply chain professionals, this will be a memorable learning opportunity. More information, including a downloadable program brochure, is at Or call 847-491-3225.

NOTE: Registration for the Northwestern program is limited and separate from ProMat 2003.

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