NPP Implements Visidot for Countrywide Pallet Traceability

TEL-AVIV, ISRAEL—Japan’s Nippon Pallet Pool (NPP) has chosen the ImageID Visidot system for management of its 3-million pallet inventory.

NPP evaluated several traceability technologies—including RFID—and concluded that Visidot, a field proven solution for RTI Poolers, is the most practical solution in terms of cost, accuracy and system management. Following the intensive evaluation and trial with excellent results, NPP implemented the first Visidot systems in a long-term rollout plan, aiming for full traceability across its service network.

With a virtually unlimited field-of-view, Visidot automatically captures hundreds of pallet labels at once, with 100% accuracy. The decoded data is associated with a customer to ensure a full traceability database. In the NPP implementation, Visidot supports QR code, commonly used in Japan.

The NPP installation is the first for ImageID in Japan. The company is a global provider of imaging-based traceability solutions. NPP was founded in 1972 by Nippon Express, the largest Japanese logistics provider, and Japan Freight Railways, (formerly Japan National Railways).

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