Numerex, Savi Plan RFID/GPS/Satellite Tag

ATLANTA–Numerex Corporation and Savi, a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin, have announced plans to co-develop an asset and shipment monitoring device which would combine RFID, GPS and satellite communication capabilities.

The new technology, called ST-694 GlobalTag, combines Numerex’s machine-to-machine network services and Savi’s automatic identification technology service. The ST-694 will offer defense and homeland security authorities, among others, a continuous asset tracking capability with visibility even while in transit, ensuring that sensitive cargo remains secure.

Together, the companies hope to create a new cost-effective solution which meets growing market demand for both spot-level and ongoing in-transit visibility of shipments and mobile supply chain assets, such as transport vehicles, container shipments or valuable large equipment.

As a satellite-based global RFID device, the ST-694 GlobalTag will be designed to provide tracking information in harsh environmental conditions and deliver real-time visibility on a near global basis.
The companies plan for the device to be HERO (Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance) certified and based on the ISO 18000-7 standard for active RFID, to ease integration with compatible networks and devices.

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