Numina Group Builds New Green Corporate Headquarters

The Numina Group (Woodridge, Ill.), a systems integrator and material handling automation supplier, has opened an environmentally friendly new office and development center. “This was the goal from concept to completion,” said Dan Hanrahan, president.

The complex features high-energy efficient windows for indirect solar heating, florescent lighting in the office and Technology Center, high efficiency furnace and high efficiency appliances installed in the kitchen area. Materials chosen for the building have high efficient ratings, conserving on the amount of power and energy needed with projected saving of over 25% compared with conventional construction.

“Everyone can make a difference and needs to be sensitive in personnel and business decisions to environmental issues,” Hanrahan said. “As a Company we turn off lights when natural lighting is sufficient. In addition, we installed numerous windows in both the offices and Technology Center, allowing the facility to operate with the lights off on sunny days.”

The new state-of-the-art Technology Center features various manufacturers such as Ermanco sorter & conveyor with high energy drives, Panther print and apply labelers and a Vitronics Vision scan tunnel. The Technology Center demonstrates the capabilities of:
· Numina’s RDS 5.0 “Open Systems Linux real-tine control and plant floor information collection architecture.
· The software can scale to accommodate any size distribution operations with efficiency based on process automation modules that reduce costs and provide labor savings.

“The Technology Center is a great place for clients to witness automation in action,” stated Mr. Hanrahan. “Customers are encouraged to visit and see their products automatically picked, labeled and sorted. Site visits to existing clients installations are still very important however we felt the investment in the Technology Center allows potential customers the ability to, ‘see and test’ a small scale of their operation and better analyze how our technology can positively impact their operation.”

Source: Numina Group

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