Obama Administration Launches Supply Chain Security Program

The Obama Administration has launched the National Strategy for Global Supply Chain Security, the U.S. Government's policy to strengthen the global supply chain to protect the American people and secure the country's economic prosperity.

"We will integrate and energize our efforts to enhance our ability to manage risk by building a layered defense, addressing threats early, and fostering a resilient system that can absorb and recover rapidly from unanticipated disruptions," according to President Obama. "By institutionalizing information-sharing arrangements, streamlining government processes, and synchronizing standards and procedures, we can realize new efficiencies while strengthening global supply chains."

The program has two goals:

1. Promote the secure and efficient movement of goods.
The Obama Administration says this will be accomplished by:
* Resolving threats early to expedite the flow of legitimate commerce.
* Improving verification and detection capabilities to identify counterfeit or contaminated goods, and to prevent cargo from being compromised.
* Enhancing security of infrastructure and conveyances by limiting access to cargo, infrastructure, conveyances and information to those with legitimate roles.
* Maximizing the flow of legitimate trade by modernizing supply chain infrastructure and processes.

2. Foster a resilient supply chain.
This will be accomplished by:
* Mitigating systemic vulnerability to supply chain disruptions by applying risk management principles to identify and protect key assets, infrastructure and support systems.
* Promoting trade resumption policies and practices that provide for a coordinated restoration of the movement of goods following a disruption by applying national and global guidelines, standards, policies and programs.

Details on how these goals would be achieved have not yet been made public, although the Obama Administration did say that the Departments of State and Homeland Security will lead a six-month engagement period with the international community and industry stakeholders to solicit feedback and specific recommendations.

The Obama Administration did not disclose a proposed budget for the National Strategy for Global Supply Chain Security.

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