Ohio Grant Supports Crown Research on Fuel Cells in Lift Trucks

NEW BREMEN, Ohio—Crown Equipment Corp. was recently awarded nearly $1 million in grant money from the state of Ohio to conduct fuel-cell research.

The grant was provided by the Ohio Department of Development and Ohio’s Third Frontier Commission, a state agency that provides grants to support the growth of the state’s fuel-cell industry.

The Crown research project will address the technical and commercial barriers to the application of available battery replacement fuel-cell power packs in industrial lift trucks. The study will also facilitate the creation and growth of material handling equipment used in warehouses and distribution centers to be powered by fuel calls.

“There are several considerations to evaluate before a wide range of lift trucks are offered with a fuel cell as its power source,” says Crown President Jim Dicke III. “In the current design, the battery provides a counterweight to the load. Fuel cells are much lighter. We need to explore solutions and make sure all systems are compatible to ensure the critical performance characteristics of a lift truck.”

Crown says it will review the performance of each combination of its lift trucks with fuel-cell power. The study should reveal any necessary modifications required to maintain the intended use of the lift truck while complying with industry standards.

“The project is important to the technological advancement of our products, which, in turn, is important for our customers and to the long-term future of Crown,” says Dicke.

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