Omron AC Drives

Omron AC Drives

Omron Electronics introduces its 3G3MX2 series micro drives in 230 and 460 volts and power ranges from fractional horsepower to 20 hp.

The 3G3MX2 drive is suitable for constant-torque conveyor and mixing applications and variable-torque fans and pumps. The unit comes with a range of industrial communication options, enabling it to exchange data via Modbus, DeviceNet, Profibus, EtherCAT, Mechatrolink-II and others.

Safety circuits embedded in the drives remove power from the motor, allowing it to coast to a stop while the drive is still powered. The 3G3MX has two safety inputs and an external device monitoring (EDM) output, which confirms the safety status of the AC driver.

The 3G3MX2 is a drive and position controller in one, making it suitable for modular machines, according to Omron.

Omron Electronics

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