One-stop Shop for Carbon-Neutral Energy

WOODBRIDGE, N.J.--Hess Corp., a global energy company involved in the exploration, production, purchase, transportation and sale of crude and refined oil and natural gas, is launching its Hess C-Neutral program to commercial, industrial and institutional customers.

The program is a carbon-neutral energy program for natural gas, electricity and fuel oil. Through C-Neutral, Hess engineers calculate the carbon emissions associated with a customer’s energy usage and include enough carbon offsets with the energy purchased to make it up to 100% carbon neutral. C-Neutral uses offsets that are Green-e Climate certified, the nation's certification and verification program for renewable energy.

“Demand from customers for environmentally responsible energy solutions has never been stronger,” says Gene Kutcher, Hess Energy marketing vice president of sales. “Commercial and industrial customers face growing pressures from legislators, shareholders and their customers to reduce their carbon footprint in response to growing climate change concerns. “Research shows that the majority of Fortune 500 companies see climate change as both a commercial risk and an opportunity,” Kutcher says.

Early this year, the company launched its Demand Response program, which reduces electricity usage, improves power grid reliability and generates a new revenue stream that customers can use for C-Neutral energy purchases.

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