Open Sesame

Vancouver, Wash.-Adalis Corporation, a global packaging and supply chain solutions company, announced that its Adalis Open-Sesame system is providing fast moving consumer goods companies the ability to comply with emerging retail-ready packaging requirements.

Tesco and other retailers are employing initiatives that improve the movement of products from the back of the store to the shelf. Retailers now require packaging that is easy to open and enables products to be displayed effectively on the shelf.

"In an environment of consolidation, competition and drive for sustainability, retailers are implementing efficiency programs to reduce costs and maximize not only shelf space, but also labor productivity," said Patrick Hessini, president of Adalis Corporation."The Open-Sesame application enables retailers to simplify the process of transferring product from box to shelf and reduce overall material consumption."

Shipper boxes manufactured with the Open-Sesame system have a clean-tearing feature that allows retailers to easily convert boxes into a display tray, without using box knives, in only a matter of seconds. This cost effective solution ensures products are fully protected through the distribution chain and increases sustainability with packaging that is used for both shipping and display.

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