Operate Fans with One Control

Operate Fans with One Control

The touch-screen Fan-Commander control station from Rite-Hite Fans controls the operation of up to 18 High Volume/Low Speed (HVLS) Revolution or Revolution SP Fans. This helps optimize the year-round performance of strategically located fans throughout a single facility, maximizing energy savings and comfort.

The control station adjusts the speed of these fans to match winter and summer conditions. During winter, the correct fan speed produces even temperatures from floor to ceiling for energy savings and increased employee comfort. An automatic and accurately controlled fan speed in summer results in a cool breeze.

The Fan-Commander prevents unauthorized employees from adjusting fan speeds and can schedule fans to operate only when needed to save energy. Each fan name can be customized to specific building locations. The operator can visualize the settings and status of each fan.

The Fan-Commander can also be networked with building control systems so users can coordinate the operation of the fans with other building functions. An internal battery retains custom settings in the event of a power failure. Control boxes used to relay signals to and from the main control station can be mounted up high on walls or columns to avoid damage and minimize the cost of wiring.

Rite-Hite Fans

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