Opportunity-Charged AGVs

Opportunity-Charged AGVs

Creform designed and built a series of carts towed by its Tite-Space BST automated guided vehicles to deliver kitted parts. The carts, built using the Creform System of pipe and joints, have canted shelves for good loading ergonomics and proper presentation at the point of use. Each shelf cart holds several boxes of kitted parts and can be easily modified. There a several carts in the delivery system in active use at all times including some as a buffer.

Each unit is equipped with an optional “opportunity charging” module that permits the AGV to run 24/7 without the need to change batteries at the end of a shift. The rear-mounted modules do not interfere with an AGV’s performance. This add-on module can be included with many of Creform’s new BST AGVs or even retrofitted to units that have been in the field for a while to eliminate the need for daily battery handling.

In addition to the carts being easily modified, the magnetic tape route can be rerouted or changed without damaging the floor by simply removing and reapplying the tape. Creform also offers an AGV rehabilitation service after years of heavy industrial use or to simply modify electronics packages to meet new requirements.


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