Opposition Rises to Adding Highway Tolls and Shipper Costs

On one hand, the 108,000-member Owner-Operator Independent Driver Association (OOIDA) is asking for contact with Congressional representatives to kill toll-increase measures in the HR 3550 House transportation bill.

On the other hand, OOIDA asks for supports a version of the FAST Act introduced by Rep. Mark Kennedy (Republican of Minn.). Kennedy proposes that tolls on existing interstates be collected only on new lanes from those who choose to use them. The new lanes would feature electronic collection, tolls collected could be used only for the new lanes and eliminated once the lanes are paid for.

“Congressman Kennedy’s FAST program is not the perfect answer,” says OOIDA executive vice president, Todd Spencer, “but it at least gives us a fighting chance to put reasonable and responsible limits on tolling.”

Learn more at the web site, www.ooida.com

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