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Organize and Allocate Warehouse Assets

Organize and Allocate Warehouse Assets

ASAP Automation’s Exacta Work Area Manager (WAM) software add-on for pick-to-light and voice picking operations enables users to create configurable templates that better organize and allocate warehouse resources and staff where they are most needed during picking operations.

This software helps warehouse managers and operators balance workflow across zones, allocate warehouse staff to the busiest areas, and create customized work area templates based on workflow. Integrated into ASAP Automation’s Exacta Warehouse Management System and Warehouse Control System, WAM offers a simple interface for assigning operators to zones or filling in row-bay values for a work area in a particular zone.

Operators can view WAM information from any PC on the network. And because workflow typically varies based on time of day and day of the week, the software comes with an unlimited number of configurable templates. Setups can be changed on the fly throughout the day without interrupting workflow.

ASAP Automation

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