OSHA Cites C&W Industries for Safety Violations

OSHA has proposed $59,250 in penalties against C&W Industries in Union Springs, Ala., for a number of safety violations, including unguarded machinery, insufficient training and certification for lift truck operators and inadequate fire prevention.

After an inspection, which began in August 2009, the agency cited the company with one willful safety violation for failing to implement lockout/tagout procedures on press machines.

OSHA also issued eight serious safety violations for inadequate guarding on a press brake and on floor fans. The agency also determined that employees were exposed to hazards related to fire, slips and falls and overhead hoists and cranes.

A separate health inspection revealed the company failed to offer Hepatitis B vaccination after two amputations at the facility. OSHA also claims blood from an amputation was not cleaned off of a machine before it was placed back into operation.

C&W also faces penalties for failing to complete incident reports, maintain OSHA 300 logs, prepare annual injury and illness summaries and develop and implement a hazard communication program.

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