Out-of-the-Box DC Access

Out-of-the-Box DC Access

Datalogic Mobile’s Pal software applications give out-of-the-box functionality to their complete line of Windows CE and Windows Mobile based computers.

Four applications provide businesses with the basic functionality to automate their core practices. Shelf Inventory is for performing a physical inventory or cycle count in store or warehouse, collecting location, SKU and quantity. Order Entry places orders in the field to replenish stock, collecting site, order ID, SKU and quantity. Asset Tracking takes an asset inventory, collecting location and asset ID. Shelf Replenishmentgenerates a pick list to replenish low shelf stock, and collects store, shelf ID, SKU and quantity.

Also, Pal Communicator allows the transfer of data between a PC and a Datalogic Mobile device so data can be viewed in Excel, Notepad or any user defined host system.

Datalogic Mobile

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