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Overall Air Traffic Is Up, But Recovery Is Fragile

February figures just released show that combined passenger and cargo traffic for the past half-year have brought the industry back to pre-September 11th levels. The profit picture remains a concern. Giovanni Bisignani, IATA director general and CEO says, “We are recovering, but the industry remains fragile. Continued emphasis on cost reduction and efficiency gains across the industry is essential.

The February report shows a 9.8% growth for international passenger traffic and a boost of 15.7% in international cargo traffic, year-over-year. Comparing the first two months of 2004 versus the same period in 2003, international cargo grew most in traffic for Africa (up 29.8%) and the Middle East (up 27.3%). The only area showing a decline is North America, off 1.2% for the period. Learn more and see the complete report at

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