P-333 Ship Shape

P-333 Ship Shape

This durable P-333 Ship Shape bulk forklift container is rotationally molded in a single piece of weatherproof 100% polyethylene (HDPE) for maximum strength, rigidity and chemical resistance. The P-333 is available with a series of options for off the shelf customization to support assembly, picking and other handling, transport and storage operations.

To promote easy access to goods, the P-333 is available with a clever hinged panel that opens while the container remains covered for fast visual inspection of the contents. When uncovered, the open panel permits fast, ergonomically sound order picking and assembly. The hinged panel seals shut when fully loaded or for secure lifting, warehousing and transportation.

The versatile P-333 is available with a wide selection of industrial strength swiveling casters to enable workers to safely and easily move the empty bulk containers around the facility without lift truck assistance. It also permits the empty containers to be rolled onto trailers manually as well as carried by lift truck. This is ideal in just-in-time situations where lift trucks deliver bulk materials or parts for assembly, manufacturing or inspection and in reusable container loop systems.

For added lift truck safety, the reusable container is available with two-way safety fork pockets that help secure the container load to the forks. Rigid steel plates are bolted to the bottom of the container to enclose the fork channel openings and promote a safe, secure hold. Accommodating forks up to nine inches wide, fully and partially loaded containers and loads that may be imperfectly balanced are more safely handled even while the lift truck is moving or when the container is rotating up to180 degrees and discharging the contents.

The long lasting P-333 bulk container measures a standard 44ā€ x 44ā€ x 44ā€ to integrate easily into existing material handling and logistics systems. It stacks when covered and nests when empty for space-saving storage. A choice of 18 standard colors, custom colors and molded-in logos, tracking numbers and graphics are available.

For more pictures, details and specs, go to www.shipshapecontainers.com or call to order 800.829.4535.

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