P-433 Ship Shape

Forklifts Pick Up From All Directions For Safer, Faster Loading, Unloading

Ashtabula, OH: The new P-433 Ship Shape(TM) bulk container from material handling product manufacturer Meese Orbitron Dunne Co., features an innovative design that permits convenient four-way lift truck access in a palletless, reusable container. With four-way access, the P-433 bulk forklift container enables lift truck drivers to locate fork access points quickly without using their forks to rotate the containers or requiring workers to position the containers manually. Developed to streamline global, over-the-road and in-plant transport and storage, the durable bulk shipping container permits lifting, loading and unloading to move faster for greater efficiency throughout the entire distribution system.

Rotationally molded in a single piece of 100% weatherproof polyethylene for strength and rigidity, the reusable P-433 bulk container safely unitizes payloads of up to 700 lbs. on a standard 44" x 44" footprint. The bulk shipping container is ideal for handling dry products such as scrap materials and recyclables, bulk chemicals and pharmaceuticals, food/beverage ingredients and other loose, granular and powdered products. The new container safely stacks two high when filled and covered and nests for efficient storage and return. A choice of 16 standard plus custom colors and a host of other options are available.

For more information, contact Tom Cooper, 4920 State Road, Ashtabula, OH, 44004; 1-800-829-4535; FAX 440.992.4667; [email protected] or see www.ShipShapeContainers.com.

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