Brunswick, OH -- The new Tharo PA2000 Specialty Tamp Label Printer/Applicator is a cost-effective accessory for the Tharo H-400 Series of thermal/thermal transfer bar code label printers. The Tharo PA2000 Specialty Tamp Label Printer/Applicator is easy to use, with minimal adjustments necessary, quick setup and changeover for applying labels to the top or side of varying height products.

The PA2000 Specialty Tamp features a smaller footprint, 15” wide x 32” tall x 30” long, than other Printer/Applicators, with a remote front panel for easy access, regardless of the orientation of the applicator. It has an all-metal construction and is made to last with time-tested components.
With or without a computer attached, the PA2000 Specialty Tamp can print and apply labels. The PA2000 Specialty Tamp is extremely versatile with the ability to apply labels as small as .20” x .20”. Suitable for small, delicate, high precision applications, the PA2000 Specialty Tamp is ideal for applying labels to electronic components, printed circuit boards, pharmaceutical and medical applications, cosmetics, automotive parts, plastic parts, assemblies and much more.

The PA2000 Specialty Tamp is automatic or semi-automatic; and can apply up to 58 labels per minute depending on printer used, label size and height of product.

For a demonstration of the PA2000 Specialty Tamp in action, please visit this web address:

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