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Pack Expo to Feature 'The Business Case for Reusable Transport Packaging'

LOS ANGELES—This November, Pack Expo International will shine a light on critical issues in reusable transport packaging in Chicago.

Brian Lindell, general manager of the Food and Beverage Group at Rehrig Pacific Co., a manufacturer of reusable plastic containers and plastic pallets for handling and transporting retail and manufactured products, will present “Building the Business Case for Reusable Transport Packaging” on Nov. 11, 2008.

The presentation will cover issues surrounding reusable transport packaging, including a recently commissioned study on the energy use and the solid waste and greenhouse gas impact of reusable plastic crates versus one-way corrugated pad packaging and one-way corrugated tray packaging. In addition, benefits of reusable packaging, associated cost drivers, and the ways to reduce shrinkage of reusable packaging will be examined.

This presentation, geared to both current users and non-users of reusable transport packaging, will include a typical cost-benefit financial model for reusable transport packaging and address the important issue of asset management.

Lindell, who is a veteran in serving hundreds of companies with varied reusable transport packaging needs, currently leads an experienced team dedicated to effective cost reduction within the industries they are serving. Fast approaching its 100th birthday, the Rehrig Pacific Co. provides more than 43 million reusable food and beverage crates and pallets on an annual basis to companies around the world.

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