PadPak LC

Concord Township, OH – Ranpak, announces the newest addition to its extensive line of PadPak® patented products. The PadPak LC system delivers an effective and environmentally sound solution to in-the-box cushioning material – on-site and on-demand – for light cushioning, blocking and bracing or heavy void fill applications.

"As businesses move to a leaner work force and a more environmentally-friendly approach to packaging, PadPak LC is an attractive solution because of its speed and versatility,” said Tara Foote, director of marketing, Ranpak.

At a feed rate of four feet per second, PadPak LC converts single-ply, 30-inch wide fanfold kraft paper into lightweight cushions that protect products during shipment. The unique and adaptable converter design features five different modes of operation –Foot Switch, Automatic, EDS (Electronic Delivery System), Pre-set, Recipe – allowing the converter to be programmed for the most efficient production of light cushioning and void fill applications.

The standard PadPak LC system includes a converter with a programmable control panel mounted on a pack-station stand and a fanfold paper storage tray. The converter forms kraft paper into a protective and shock absorbing packaging material through a folding and crimping process. PadPak LC's patented fanfold paper technology and splicing tape allow for stacking multiple bundles of paper on the tray, optimizing uptime and throughput. The system uses Ranpak's standard fanfold paper products that are available in bundles of 45 lb. or 55 lb. basis weights, depending on the application requirements.

In addition, the adaptable converter system is easy to rotate and adjust, enabling it to integrate into most existing packaging operations. The converter can be adjusted to allow the paper chute to be positioned above the packing area for fast retrieval of the material. And, the angle of the converter can be adjusted for simplicity in packing.

As with all of Ranpak's products, the PadPak LC system keeps the entire packaging life cycle in mind so time and waste are minimized and performance and recycling are emphasized.

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