Pallet Association President Scholnick Passes

Bruce N. Scholnick, president and CEO of the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA), died of cancer at his home in Alexandria, Va., July 9.

From the time he joined the wood packaging industry in May 2000, his mission was to “help our members make and/or save money” in every program and activity he pursued, stated an NWPCA announcement. In addition to taking care of NWPCA business, Washington regulators heard his passionate voice on Capitol Hill when proposed rules threatened the industry.

Prior to his years at NWPCA, Scholnick was division vice president of member services and products for the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents, v.p. of corporate planning for Thatcher Manufacturing Corporation (a division of Dart & Kraft Industries), and director of marketing and economic research for the Glass Packaging Institute.

NWPCA Board Chairman James Ruder has asked Sam McAdow of Buckeye Diamond Logistics, in South Charleston, Ohio, to act as Interim Acting President to serve as a point of contact for staff and membership. McAdow will be operating in an advisory capacity and will report to James Ruder. He can be reached at his direct phone number at 937-462-7515.

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