Pallet Manufacturing Goes Back to the U.S.

PORTLAND, Ore.—When it completes its 50,000-square foot facility in Oregon in May, GreenLight Pallet Co., will move its production back to this country from Korea and Spain.

GreenLight is the manufacturer of the UNIPAL recyclable corrugated pallet system. In promoting its pallets, GreenLight claims they weigh one-fourth the weight of a wood pallet, repel water, can be made from recycled cardboard and are recyclable at the end of their lifespan.

In discussing the company’s move from offshore production to Marine Drive along the Columbia River in Oregon, GreenLight’s founding member, Jon Girod, says, “It’s a perfect time to transition into the Portland market. Our product is 100% green and fulfills our customers’ growing need for increased supply chain efficiency at a reduced cost, while also achieving environmental and health and safety targets unfulfilled by wood pallets. The fact that the UNIPAL Pallet meets all new export regulations and packaging requirements for international shipping provides the perfect solution for today’s manufacturers and retailers.”

Current UNIPAL customers include Firestone, General Motors Mexico, Johnson & Johnson UK, Sony Japan, LG Electronics Korea, Hyundai Autonet Korea, Daewood Electronics Korea, Konica Japan, Yamaha Paper, Aiwa Korea, Konica Japan, Itochu Chemicals Japan, Olympus Japan and Audi.

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