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Pallet Provider Helps Nab Thieves

ORLANDO, Fla.-As a result of close cooperation by Intelligent Global Pooling Systems (iGPS) with the Houston Police Department’s Major Offenders Task Force and retailers, a raid was conducted on a Houston buyer and seller of pallets.

In the course of the raid, the owner of the company was arrested and charged with grand theft, and receiving, selling and possession of stolen property from a number of parties, including customers of iGPS.

The major iGPS offering is an all-plastic pallet that contains four RFID tags for tracking and tracing. The four identical RFID tags are internally embedded during the manufacturing process. All tags are three-way readable, by RFID, barcode or alphanumerically.

In reflecting on the recent raid, Ben Stoller, vice president of iGPS, says, “We will continue our close collaboration with law enforcement officials and retailers because we simply will not tolerate theft of our pallets. We remain committed to diligently protecting our assets.”

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