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Pallet Walker

Madras, Oregon - KEITH Mfg. Co, the leading innovator in conveying bulk material, has recently entered the dry freight industry with the new Pallet Walkerä system. Characterized by the same rugged dependability and durability as a WALKING FLOOR® unloader, the Pallet Walker system can load a 53-foot trailer in less than 5 minutes, and unload just as easily.

The Pallet Walker system, which replaces a typical trailer floor, offers a new solution to convey freight automatically. The floor is composed of a series of aluminum floor slats that advance the load into or out of a trailer.

Pallet Walker systems are bi-directional, and no dock is required for loading or unloading freight, offering flexibility in terms of delivery locations. Another advantage of the Pallet Walker system is that forklifts never have to enter the trailer, reducing the potential for cargo and trailer damage. The system can be walked and/or driven on even while in operation.

The technology behind the Pallet Walker system is based on the KEITH WALKING FLOOR unloader, which has set the standard worldwide for moving bulk material. In addition to horizontal movement, the slats of the Pallet Walker system also lift and lower. This creates a positive traction between the product and flooring, eliminating twisting and binding of the cargo.

Some examples of product that the Pallet Walker system successfully conveys include pallets, racks, barrels, slip sheets, boxes and lumber. The Pallet Walker system can be installed or retrofitted into any manufacturers’ trailers.

For more information about the Pallet Walker system, visit

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