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Framingham, MA– PanGo Networks, Inc., ( today announced the general availability of PanGo Locator™, a comprehensive 802.11-based active RFID system for asset tracking that leverages standard wireless LAN infrastructure, eliminating the need for single use, proprietary RF readers and networks. PanGo uses 802.11 wireless access point infrastructure as its reader network. The new product is built on the latest version of PanOS, the company’s patent-protected software platform, and features services for system planning, configuration, asset monitoring, reporting and a rich interface for end user interaction.

In a single system, PanGo Locator includes middleware, application, data and visualization software layers and hardware in the form of tags. While several vendors claim to offer WLAN-based products, or asset tracking applications, most still require separate readers or do not include a complete application services layer. PanGo Locator is the only complete system that allows customers and partners to rapidly deploy and immediately realize a ROI.

“Positioning systems that use 802.11 wireless LANs enable companies to track high value assets without the need for a proprietary network,” said Abner Germanow, Enterprise Networking Research Manager, IDC. “Using a wireless LAN for asset tracking and other location based services provides a quick return by simplifying application deployment and management.”

PanGo Locator’s product features include:
· System configuration, logical space mapping and management
· An intuitive, map-based view of assets, including detailed views via floor-level and/or “zone-level” tabs
· Sophisticated filtering based on asset class, location, and other customer-specified criteria
· Pre-populated asset icons and group representation for multiple assets in same location
· Detailed asset data by selecting an item on a map
· Sophisticated search capability based on asset class, location and other criteria
· Logging and storage of all asset activity and alerts for analysis
· Sophisticated reporting capabilities on current and historical asset status
· Integration support for complementary workflow, scheduling and asset management systems

“Many important business processes will benefit from real time asset visibility, but shouldn’t be burdened by the costs associated with adding infrastructure or developing new applications,” said Michael Campbell, President and CEO of PanGo. “Our system provides customers with a comprehensive framework for rapid deployment and an immediate impact on the bottom line.”

PanGo has worked with Cisco Systems, Inc. to deliver a turnkey system at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) in Boston, Massachusetts. A recognized leader in the healthcare industry, BIDMC was seeking a Wi-Fi based asset tracking solution that is easy to use and offers centralized management of both systems. BIDMC has implemented the joint solution in their Emergency Room Department and Cardiac Critical Care Units of the hospital. Future plans include expanding this solution to both BIDMC campuses by the end of next year and eventually tracking thousands of pieces of biomedical equipment -- and ultimately medical professionals and the patients themselves.

“At Beth Israel, we've built a culture which fosters dependence on IT and we get rewarded for optimizing our workflow processes,” said John Halamka, Chief Information Officer, CareGroup Health System. “We adopt cutting edge [new but proven] technologies as opposed to bleeding edge [high risk] technologies - especially when a patient's life is at stake. PanGo is one of few vendors that provides active RFID 'geo locationing' over existing Wi-Fi networks, allowing us to leverage our existing network infrastructure investment. Their robust, high value approach made them the obvious choice.”

“Cisco is pleased to be working with PanGo Networks to extend Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center’s Cisco Aironet wireless network to track and manage mobile assets for the enhancement of healthcare workflow and business processes,” said Bill Rossi, Vice-President and General Manager of Cisco’s Wireless Networking Business Unit.

Tele-Tracking Technologies (, a leader in healthcare workflow automation, and Four Rivers Software Systems (, a leader in maintenance management software for the healthcare industry, have signed OEM relationships with PanGo. These strategic partners will integrate PanGo’s Locator into their business process solutions, increasing the value of their products and benefits to their more than 1,400 customers worldwide.

PanGo today also announced a new partnership with Colubris Networks (, an industry leader in the wireless LAN infrastructure sector. PanGo and Colubris will be working together to bring integrated, secure wireless infrastructure and asset tracking applications to customers in strategic enterprise markets.

About PanGo Networks
PanGo Networks™ is the leading provider of location-aware wireless systems for the enterprise market. PanGo’s software and systems transform off-the-shelf WLAN infrastructure into a platform for intelligent applications that improve important business processes. Through its flagship PanOS™ platform and mobile applications, PanGo offers the industry’s first comprehensive system for real-time asset visibility and context-aware information delivery.

Specializing in a range of markets including healthcare, manufacturing, retail and government, PanGo delivers reliable and accurate information about the location of connected devices, people and assets. PanGo’s location-aware systems enable optimal information management and workflow, and provide measurable and significant return on investment. For more information, visit

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