Panther Maxi AC

(BROADVIEW, IL) Interthor has introduced a new and improved fully powered pallet truck, Panther Maxi AC. The new Panther Maxi AC is specially designed for easy transport of pallets in confined areas with a tight turning angle and the ability to operate in aisles as narrow as a pallet width.

“The Panther’s design, as with all of our products, is focused on efficiency, safety and ergonomic working conditions,” said Richard Kopacz, president, Interthor, Inc. “The handle is designed in accordance with ergonomically correct gripping angles, ensuring the user a relaxed grip. All control functions are integrated in the handle, and together with the quiet running and the infinitely variable speed control, this gives the user a good and safe working experience. The Panther’s solid construction ensures long operating life and low maintenance costs with several unique features that reduce required maintenance.”

Highly flexible and efficient, the Panther Maxi AC features a sleek rounded design that minimizes potential damage to surroundings, pallets and goods. The Panther’s solid construction is built for high performance, efficient material handling and includes easy-to-use settings. Interthor’s AC technology guarantees a comfortable driving experience, extended operation time and optimal adjustment for operator comfort and safety. The Panther Maxi AC has infinitely variable speed control and motorized braking for optimum safety

New charger technology ensures optimum battery charge and can be used for both open and closed maintenance-free batteries. It is able to charge a fully discharged battery.

Two models are available:
• Panther Maxi AC with a capacity of 4,000 lb is recommended for heavy pallet transport
• Panther Mini with a capacity of 3,000 lb is recommended for light pallet transport such as in supermarkets, stock areas, small warehouses and for light manufacturing

Contact Interthor at 708-345-1270 or visit

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