Cincinnati, OH – PAPERplus® Vertical paper cushioning machines, which fashion two sheets of kraft paper together to form a protective paper mattress which protects products during shipment, are ideal for most protective packaging applications. The mattressed paper can be directed to either the front or rear of the machine by simply rotating the discharge chute. Despite its light weight, PAPERPlus mattresses provide optimal protection against shock, breakage and deformation. The pliability or rigidity of the mattress can be varied based on the basis weight of the paper used – making it ideal for shipping fragile glassware and electronics to more durable machine and automotive parts. Its resistance to tearing and perforation ensures that packed items remain in place during transit.

The PAPERplus Vertical system can be adjusted for manual, automatic, foot pedal or special mode operations. Output lengths are available from 6 inches to any length – for Coil, S-shape, Fold-over, Criss-cross, and Block and Brace packing methods. After use, the paper can be re-used or recycled, making it an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional bubble and foam wrap packaging.

Storopack, Inc. is the world’s largest manufacturer, converter and recycler of expanded polystyrene (EPS) whose primary activities include the conversion of EPS, natural starch and paper cushioning products. In addition to providing the industry’s broadest line of protective packaging, Storopack also designs and supplies loose-fill storage and delivery systems. For more information visit, or e-mail [email protected], or call (800) 827-7225.

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