Paris Has a New Temperature Controlled Warehouse

PARIS—Geodis Wilson, a global freight management company, is opening of a new dedicated warehouse for pharmaceutical products at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.

The new warehouse is dedicated exclusively to storage and distribution of pharmaceutical products, complying with all relevant protocols and current standards. The facility offers quality and integrity control; truck temperature checks; X-Ray security checks; temperature controlled transit storage; shipment preparation; export customs clearance; handover to airlines; and, inventory, reverse management and quarantine facilities.

Pharmaceutical products can be stored in a temperature-controlled area which is divided into two sections. One offers temperatures between +2 and +8 C. The other has temperatures between +15 and +25 C. There is also a dedicated area for pharmaceutical goods stored at ambient temperature.

Access to the warehouse is only provided to authorized individuals. It is monitored by CCTV. The warehouse is located in the bonded area of Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, and is available to all modes of transport.

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