Partnering for an Easy-to-Deploy WMS

AUSTIN, TEXAS-ClearOrbit and Foxfire are teaming up to provide warehouse management system (WMS) solutions they claim offer “extensive functionality without the costly, time-consuming deployment requirements involved with the typical WMS.”

Foxfire’s WMS combines software, hardware and professional services. ClearOrbit’s supply chain execution solutions are aimed at improving the speed, visibility and control of extended manufacturing and distribution supply chains.

“Foxfire offers superior value in warehouse management, value that we look forward to delivering to our customers. With Foxfire, ClearOrbit is well positioned to enhance our product line and continue delivering innovative technologies that drive higher profitability and ROI by increasing efficiencies and lowering costs across global operations,” observes Warren Sumner, ClearOrbit’s general manager, enterprise software group.

John Sterling, Foxfire president, says, “Partnering with an innovative supply chain execution leader such as ClearOrbit will enable us to strengthen our WMS functionality across the supply chain and extend our global market reach in providing the most cost-effective WMS solutions.”

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