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A Mobile Powered Printer Cart = Significant Labor Savings

Loss of productivity and inefficiencies such as wasted steps to the printer, inaccurate inventory counts, improper labeling, time delays, manual processing and incorrect shipments are just some of the challenges that can be alleviated with a mobile powered printer cart.

Now you can eliminate operators walking back and forth to a static printer or computer desk and improve accuracy with a Mobile Powered Printer Cart by Newcastle Systems. These compact, fully adjustable carts are designed to hold and power up to 4 devices at once for 8-12 hours of normal use. This provides a fully mobile workstation enabling operators to perform their tasks wirelessly ANYWHERE within a facility, warehouse or DC. A number of optional accessories such as a keyboard tray, flat screen holder, scanner holder and more are also available and can be easily integrated in seconds to create a highly versatile mobile powered workstation.

Get a FREE R.O.I Analysis and learn the true benefits of wireless mobility! Call Newcastle Systems at 781-935-3450 or visit www.newcastlesys.com.

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