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Photoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric Sensors

Pittsburgh, PA - Industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation announced it is introducing the View Series™ of photoelectric sensors, comprised of the new IntelliViewTM and NanoViewTM product families. The View Series sensors expands Eaton’s photoelectric sensor capabilities with new models designed for a variety of challenging industrial applications. The IntelliView sensors are a family of compact, high-performance specialty photoelectric sensors aimed at the needs of packaging, material handling, and other machinery original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The NanoView sensors are a family of sub-miniature rectangular photoelectric sensors designed for applications and industries where optical performance is important but smaller, less expensive sensors are required.

“The View Series sensors add new technologies and capabilities,” says Matt Simms, product manager, Eaton Corporation. “It further demonstrates Eaton’s commitment to innovation and investment in new sensing solutions to meet the constantly evolving needs of our customers - from challenges that require reduced dimensions and cost to applications where color, contrast or luminescence sensing is needed.”

Models in the IntelliView product family detect grayscale, color and ultraviolet (UV) luminescent registration marks on product and packaging labels. Background and foreground suppression models allow for precision sensing over extended ranges to meet the needs of a wide variety of machinery OEM applications. Other models are capable of reliably measuring a target’s distance and providing an analog output to a control system.

The IntelliView family features:
• Foreground/background suppression sensors that are field-adjustable, with ranges from 2.4 inches to 3.9 feet.
• Distance sensors able to identify the target’s location within the sensing field to a high degree of accuracy.
• Color sensors that reliably detect different color tones and grayscale tints, and can be taught to recognize up to three colors independently.
• Contrast (colormark) sensors that can distinguish two surfaces according to the contrast produced by the difference in reflection.
• UV luminescence sensors that detect fluorescent or phosphorous materials, even against reflective backgrounds like glass, mirrored or ceramic surfaces.
• Available in industry-standard compact rectangular or flat-tubular packages with M12 micro connectors.
• Canadian Underwriters Laboratories (cUL) listed and Conformité Européenne (CE) approved, ready for global application.

The View Series of sensors also includes the NanoView family. These sub-miniature sensors are well suited for applications in packaging, material handling, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries where space is limited. Despite their small size, NanoView sensors are robust, powerful, highly reliable, and fit advanced optical performance into a tiny package.

“The NanoView family further broadens Eaton’s product offering for packaging, material handling and other machinery OEM customers based on its compact size and pricing,” says Simms. “Furthermore, they complement the broad range of control products Eaton brings to those industries – from operator interfaces and logic controllers to pushbuttons, stacklights and more.”

The Nanoview family includes:
• A comprehensive family, including an 8.2 foot polarized reflex; a 13 inch diffuse; a 4 inch fixed-focus diffuse; a 20 foot thru-beam; and a 2.6 foot clear object detector.
• A package size that is less than 1.5 inches long and half an inch deep.
• Available with M8 connectors or 6.5 foot cable.
• C-UL listed and CE approved.

The NanoView family also includes specialty sensors capable of solving difficult application challenges. These include a fixed-focus diffuse sensor, able to accurately sense targets with precision at its rated focal point of 3.9 inches; a clear object detector model capable of sensing clear objects such as plastic or glass bottles, films, sheets, and packing materials; and thru-beam mode sensors with a narrow beam option, able to detect small targets with high accuracy.

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