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Picking Cart

Kinetic Technologies, Inc. has released a new picking cart for distribution centers and warehouses that provides 48″ x 96″ of smooth, unpainted flat deck surface at only 10 7/8″ off the floor. The units are designed for easy attachment to narrow aisle man-up picking lifts and to provide safe movement of up to 1100lb. of furniture or bulk items either manually, with low push / pull forces, or towed in trains. The cart is constructed with three formed and welded deck panels for weight reduction, improved rigidity and low noise operation. Structure rigidity is enhanced by 61″ long boxed under frame fork pockets with reinforced lead-ins. Carts also come with a no bend towing system featuring spring-loaded, self-stowing towbar, frame recessed auto-hitch, auto-release floor lock and side frame pockets for optional containment railing.

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