Louisville, KY – ASAP Automation. a leader in providing Supply Chain Execution software and automation technologies, announces PictureView™, a pick to display technology that offers extended features and flexibility to the marketplace.

PictureView™ PTD devices represent the latest technology for picking and putting products. PictureView™ utilizes a bright color OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display screen for unsurpassed image and text viewing. You now have the ability to show product images, special instructions, and other critical compliance information. PictureView™ also incorporates voice technology to help instruct or prompt the operator.

The PTD device features an advanced menuing system for HTML based screens and images. PictureView™ also has multi-lingual voice capability allowing supplemental verbal commands. PictureView™ devices can be mounted in an infinitely adjustable bus bar or can be used as an independent mobile device on a standard wireless LAN.

PictureView™ is most commonly used in the picking and putting operations within Distribution Centers, such as:
· High Velocity Carton Flow
· Sortation "Put To Light"
· “Put” Sort Bars
· Carousel Light Towers
· Pallet Picking
· Work in Process Instructions
· Shelving Picking
· SmartCart™ - Wireless Cart
· Batch "Put To Light" into totes or cartons
· Returns
· Kit Building Operations

For more information on PTD PictureView™,
visit our website at www.asap-pictureview.com

About ASAP Automation
ASAP Automation provides advanced Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) for the automation of supply chain logistics. Our WMS software product line, Exacta™, integrates with Pick-to-Display, Pick-to-Light, Pick-to-Voice, Carousels, AS/RS, A-Frames, and a wide variety of other advanced picking automation. For more information about ASAP Automation, visit our website at: www.asapauto.com.

ASAP Automation
Attn: Andy Brinkmeier
[email protected]

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