FP International’s new PILLOW PAK’R™ air cushion system makes 24” wide bubble material on demand. No more bulky rolls of bubble to transport, handle or take up valuable storage space. Simply make bubble material as you need it.

The PILLOW PAK’R machine is fast, up to 72 linear feet per minute. Each roll of PILLOW PAK™ film makes two 1,000 square feet bundles of inflated cushioning material. The PILLOW PAK material is perforated every six inches for maximum packing flexibility.

A PILLOW PAK’R machine may be placed adjacent to a pack station for on-demand packing. An optional foot pedal or a film sensor can be used to replenish material as packers use the bubble.

An optional bundle winder is available so that bundles of bubble material may be made in advance or away from the packing area. The winder makes a 48” diameter roll of 24” wide bubble in 3 ½ minutes. It’s easy to make enough for an hour, shift or a day.

The PILLOWPAK’R machine uses FP International’s patented air transfer technology. This technology allows air to move (transfer) between connected cells. Unlike traditional bubble material, PILLOW PAK film cannot “pop” and lose its cushioning properties.

The easy-to-operate PILLOW PAK’R machine saves time and money.

For more product information, contact:
FP International
800-888-3725 / www.fpintl.com

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