Pivot Safety Gate

Waukesha, WI – Wildeck has introduced an easy-to-operate Pivot Safety Gate in response to industry demands and pending code requirements for increased safety during forklift loading and off-loading of material on new and existing mezzanines, elevated platforms, balconies, and rack systems. Compared to standard access gates, a “safety gate” provides a protected and properly guarded area for personnel working on a pallet during material loading and off-loading.

Wildeck’s new Pivot Safety Gate features strong, balanced construction and a smooth pivoting motion that simplifies operation. When one side is raised, the other side closes, allowing quick, convenient and safe access by forklifts and facility personnel. With its perimeter railing and integral 4-inch high kickplate, loading and unloading areas can be fully protected, reducing accidents and injury from falling material. The surface-mounted Pivot Safety Gate can be used with existing mezzanines and elevated platforms. Side railings can also be directly connected to most Wildeck® mezzanine railings to provide a seamless barrier.

Wildeck’s new Pivot Safety Gate is the third “safety gate” offered by the company. Its unique cut-to-fit design offers more installation flexibility than any other safety gate on the market today. It is shipped as a standard 10 ft. wide gate and is easily cut at the job site to precisely fit the opening that a customer requires.

For more information on the new Pivot Safety Gate and the complete line of Wildeck products and services, visit www.wildeck.com or e-mail [email protected].

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