(ST. LOUIS) FKI Logistex®, will showcase its latest palletizing technologies at PACK EXPO 2008 in Chicago, Ill., Nov. 9-13. The 4,224-square-foot FKI Logistex display (Booth S-1582) will highlight the company's line of high-speed palletizers, including the new PL-950 series, which features a robot-based case divider.

The PL-950 joins the existing FKI Logistex palletizer/depalletizer line, which ranges from the entry-level GS-100 all the way up to the super-high-speed A-944.

Providing a high-speed solution for flexible, in-line palletizing, the PL-950 utilizes one or more robotic arms - depending upon rate requirements - for pattern forming, manipulating and orienting the product into the pallet layer. The PL-950 can be easily reconfigured for any type of product, and is ideally suited for small packages and complex patterns.

The drive toward sustainability and environmentally conscious packaging has led to a reduction in the amount of protective packaging around a product. The gentler manipulation of product provided by the PL-950 accommodates this reduction in secondary packaging without compromising the integrity of the finished product.

"With the increased demand by retailers for display-ready palletizing, combined with the increasing number of product package configurations, the PL-950 provides an ideal high-speed solution," said Steve Ackerman, president of FKI Logistex. "With the proper options, the PL-950 can be reconfigured from handling a six-pack to a 24-pack with no lost production. That's the kind of speed and flexibility today's manufacturers need. By introducing this new robotic palletizing solution at PACK EXPO 2008, FKI Logistex remains on the forefront of high-speed palletizing technologies."

For sales information, please Martin Clark, director, business development, FKI Logistex North America, by phone at +1 314 872 5816 or by e-mail at [email protected].

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