Plan for Weather’s Effects on Products and Service

With the holidays over and winter just begun, wise manufacturers and carriers establish contingency plans to protect their supply chains from weather-related delays. Load Delivered Logistics LLC, a Chicago-based logistics service provider, offers the following pointers:

Plan alternate routes: The DOT in some states will shut down all truck traffic in some areas or throughout the entire state due to weather. Planning an alternate route could add miles, longer transit time and higher rates, so shippers should also consider building in a cushion for pick-up and delivery times when possible. Driver, commuter and asset safety should be the prime consideration.

Protect products from freezing: Using a reefer or temperature-controlled trailer and setting the temperature above freezing is often the most reliable solution. You can also use a dry van and keep it attached to a running/idling trailer that has the freight onboard, as the vibration will tend to keep the product from freezing. But consider where the truck has to stop, rest or lay-over and for how long. The last alternative is to use thermal blankets.

Load Delivered Logistics reminds that engaging in freeze protection can lead to higher rates. Also weather conditions can limit service availability drastically, so again, contingencies should be adjusted to the nature of the product and its customers.
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