Plastic Pallet for Global Shipments

Plastic Pallet for Global Shipments

ORBIS has introduced a 40” x 48” plastic pallet designed specifically for one-way shipments and international trade. In addition to being produced from recycled plastic materials, the 40 x 48 CICP plastic pallet is fully recyclable and can be recovered and manufactured into other useful product at the end of its service life.

This pallet is available in a stackable or nestable version and offers the necessary strength-to-weight ratio for a one-way shipping pallet. When used for international shipments, this plastic pallet is exempt from ISPM 15 regulations, streamlines the customs process, requires no documentation and reduces risk of load rejection.

The 40 x 48 CICP offers contoured corners and smooth edges for easy handling; 4-way forklift or handjack entry; optional runners for secure double stacking; optional closed deck and unique non-skid surface that prevents product shift during transport.


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