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Platinum II Series

Platinum II Series

MARENGO, IL – Nissan Forklift’s new low emission Platinum II Series lift trucks incorporate advanced standard features that promote enhanced safety and improved safeguards against unauthorized use and theft, thanks to its PIN Security Access. This feature provides up to five unique Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) that can be programmed to control operator access to each vehicle, resulting in greater operational safety and management of your lift truck fleet. Other innovations include Nissan’s exclusive Vehicle Control Module (VCM), seat-actuated Operator Presence System, and LCD Meter Panel with on-board diagnostics and service reminders.

The Platinum II Series from Nissan Forklift delivers emission results that are well below the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) requirements established for 2007. In fact, the Platinum II Series’ current nitrogen oxide (NOx) and carbon monoxide (CO) emission levels are already below the stringent targets set by the California Air Resource Board (CARB) for 2010 emission goals. Nissan Forklift is once again the first forklift manufacturer to receive compliance status from both EPA and CARB for its entire line of low emission engines. In addition, Nissan has expanded its family of diesel industrial engines with the QD32 diesel engine, available in larger capacity pneumatic Platinum II models. The powerful, clean-burning QD32 delivers improved fuel consumption and emission levels well below the 2008 EPA diesel requirements.

For more information, please contact Nissan Forklift Corporation, 240 North Prospect Street, Marengo, IL, 60152; phone 815.568.0061; fax 815.568.0179; e-mail [email protected] or visit its Web site at

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