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PLC Supports Hundreds of I/O Points

PLC Supports Hundreds of I/O Points

AutomationDirect’s Do-more H2 Series PLC uses the DirectLOGIC DL205 hardware as a platform to support all base units and discrete and analog I/O modules. The H2 CPUs offer four times more program memory, nine times more data memory, and operate at speeds up to 20 times faster than current DL205 CPUs. Higher processor speeds decrease program execution time and allow the CPUs to support Ethernet connectivity and custom communication protocols as built-in functions. A Do-more CPU installed in a DL205 9-slot base supports up to 256 I/O points. For larger applications, one or more remote I/O master modules installed in the local base can each connect to up to 16 remote I/O subsystems, which can provide hundreds of additional I/O points.


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