Plexton Stack-N-Nest

Oconomowoc, Wis. - LEWISBins+™ offers five fiberglass reinforced containers for work-in-process, assembly and storage applications. These stack-only and nest-only containers are compression-molded using high strength fiberglass reinforced polyester resin and are designed to store, move and ship heavy, dense parts and materials.

The plastic containers are available in footprints from 6.3" x 4.9" to 20.0" x 13.9", with heights up to 8.1". The thin-wall construction provides maximum strength, while maintaining the lightweight design. Additionally, these containers offer:

• Capacity for extremely heavy storage loads
• The ability to withstand temperature ranges from –60º F to 250º F
• The ability to withstand autoclave, healthcare and x-ray and security applications
• Color coding capabilities with five standard colors (light blue, green, grey, red, and light yellow) for easy part identification and inventory control
• Optional dual-purpose covers that protect parts, enable container stacking and that can be used as trays
• Availability in ESD-safe materials

Additional container styles manufactured in fiberglass reinforced materials are available, including stack-n-nest and hopper front containers. Trays, dollies and metal shelving units are also available for added efficiency.

LEWISBins+ manufactures a comprehensive line of durable plastic container systems for storage, work-in-process, assembly, organizational and merchandising applications. Their product line includes part bins, divider boxes and heavy duty storage totes, which integrate with a wide array of metal storage systems and wire products. These products help world-class companies reduce costs through improved assembly operations, reduced linear workspace and reduced product damage. See LEWISBins at ProMat in Booth 2316. LEWISBins+ may be reached at 877-97LEWIS or visited on-line at

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