PMC and Optiant Team to Deliver Strategic Inventory Management

BOSTON and DEARBORN, Mich., -- Optiant, Inc. and Production Modeling Corporation (PMC) announced a new partnership that will help F1000 manufacturers leverage the supply chain to mitigate the risks of global uncertainty and consumer fickleness. The agreement combines optimization technology with industry-specific supply chain expertise, delivering strategic inventory solutions to markets that can be hit hard by sudden or extensive disruptions in the flow of materials.

Strategic inventory management is among the highest priorities for PMC's customers. These industry heavyweights, including the Big Three automakers, leverage PMC's solutions and consulting expertise to help them optimize complex global supply chains.

Under the agreement, PMC's consultants will use Optiant's PowerChain software to evaluate customers' current supplier relationships, inventory levels and service agreements and identify ways to reduce inventory-related costs. In addition, PMC will resell PowerChain to its customers, enhancing and rounding out its offering of supply chain management technology.

"Today's market instability is causing major disruptions in supply and demand that can no longer be solved with yesterday's just-in-time inventory strategies," said Onur Ulgen, president, Production Modeling Corporation, Detroit. "Optiant's solution raises the bar on strategic inventory management and lets us help our customers create flexible strategies that turn fluctuations into opportunities."

"For the world's largest manufacturers, inventory represents hundreds of millions of dollars in tied-up capital," said Mike Braatz, vice president of business development for Boston-based Optiant. "We're excited by the opportunity to expand PMC's outstanding reputation for delivering solutions that help these companies unlock that capital and succeed with superior supply chain performance."

Optiant's software gives manufacturers an intuitive web-based application to evaluate the impact of decisions made at all stages of the product delivery process and make the right choices about how much inventory to hold and where to hold it. By tying these decisions to broader business issues such as cost, time-to-market and customer satisfaction, Optiant's PowerChain helps manufacturers build world-class supply chains that drive competitive advantage and improve financial performance.

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