PMMI Marks 75 Years

ARLINGTON, Va.-To recognize its 75th anniversary, ThePackaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI) has issued a commemorativelogo and plans celebrations during its 2008 Executive Leadership Conference andAnnual Meeting.

The Institute's founding members formally ratified itsArticles of Incorporation in August 1933 to create a mechanism for workingtogether to counter common concerns and issues, says Charles D. Yuska,president and CEO.

"PMMI was founded on the simple concept thatcompanies and industry leaders who supply packaging machinery solutions oughtto cooperate and respond to industry issues," he says.

"It's a tribute to a tradition of strong volunteerstewardship that PMMI continues to supply dynamic programs and services-andthat they now support the entire packaging supply chain, including machinery,materials and components suppliers," Yuska says.

PMMI is planning a 75th anniversary celebration formembers at the 2008 Executive Leadership Conference (April 6-10; Indian Wells,Calif.) and an industry-wide celebration during the 2008 Annual Meeting(September 22-24; Washington, DC). Details of both special events will beannounced at a later date.

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