Pneumatic-Tire 80-Volt AC Trucks

Pneumatic-Tire 80-Volt AC Trucks

Cat Lift Trucks’ 2EPC5000 – 2EP6500 Series 5,000-6,500 lb. capacity electric pneumatic tire lift trucks feature increased energy efficiency and performance.They allow operators the ability to run up to two shifts on one battery charge in most applications and also feature a 10% increase in energy efficiency over the previous generation. Equipped with powerful 3-phase 80-volt AC technology, the mid-sized electric pneumatic tire lift trucks provide exceptional acceleration and top speed capabilities for increased operator productivity.

Equipped with sealed wet-disc brakes, electrical components and connectors, the new series is built with added protection for harsh, dusty and moist environments.

Solid pneumatic tires, full-suspension seat and floating cabin contribute to operator comfort on rough surfaces.

Cat Lift Trucks

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