Pneumatic-Tire Truck for Heavy Duties

Pneumatic-Tire Truck for Heavy Duties

The Crown C-5 Series pneumatic-tire lift truck features an industrial John Deere Power Systems engine, a dual open-core radiator that offers independent engine and transmission cooling, a long-lasting power brake, and solid pneumatic tires as standard features. It is designed to carry loads weighing from 4,000 to 6,500 pounds in rough-terrain environments that handle lumber, brick and stone.

The 2.4-liter John Deere Power Systems engine features a cast iron head and large components designed for industrial applications. The truck is said to offer 12 percent more low-end torque than the leading competitor—improving performance during acceleration, working on ramps with load, and pushing heavy loads. Other features include a self-adjusting power brake, fewer moving parts and a 90 percent larger brake pad surface than traditional drum brakes, which translates into fewer maintenance checks.

Crown Equipment Corp.

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