Pneumatic Transport Conveyor

Pneumatic Transport Conveyor

Midbrook, Inc.’s Shuttle Pro Conveyor is a pneumatic transport (shaker) conveyor driven by patented air bellows technology. This technology allows the Shuttle Pro to move scrap, finished products, or other material. With its universal t-slot mounting and cross bar supports, the Shuttle Pro can attach to any stamping press or other area where material needs to be moved, and uses vibratory/shaking motion to convey materials down the length of single or multiple trays.

Instead of a motor, the Shuttle Pro relies on the use of air bellows to provide motion. As a result, the Shuttle Pro is able to avoid many maintenance issues. It uses only compressed air and is also 100% oil-less and seal-less. This leads to significant reductions in maintenance and operating costs.

Shuttle Pro is available in multiple sizes. The smallest, Model 100, has a push force of 100 pounds to go with a tray weight capacity of 25 pounds and a part load capacity of up to 50 pounds. It is also available in 150, 450, and 1000 models.


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