Polaris Drives Ambitious Supply Chain Initiatives

Waukesha, WI - Polaris Industries Inc., a leading manufacturer of recreational and utility vehicles will shift its parts, garments and accessories business into overdrive by installing an integrated supply chain execution solution from RedPrairie, a leader in global supply chain technology solutions.

Scott Swenson, Pure Polaris General Manager says, "Our decision to implement new supply chain execution technology was spurred by two operational objectives. We wanted to reduce freight costs through improved rate shopping on parcel shipping, which accounts for most of our shipments. And we determined a streamlined pick and pack operation could reduce our labor expenditures. RedPrairie proved it had the technology and people to help us accomplish these goals."

RedPrairie's warehouse management and slotting applications (DLx® Warehouse / DLx Slotting) will improve Polaris' replenishment operations, optimize pickface slotting and enhance warehouse space utilization. When combined withRedPrairie's visibility tool, LENS®, the technology will enable Polaris to improve customer service with up-to-date order status information.

LENS also provides visibility to distribution alerts, allowing customer service representatives to intervene and take corrective action before customer service is adversely impacted. It also will give Polaris network-wide visibility to inbound and outbound orders to better plan operations and respond to real-time distribution changes.

RedPrairie's performance measurement technology will measure and track the results Polaris achieves in its DCs. This will give management visibility to performance across the network, enabling them to respond to potential problems that can decrease efficiency and customer service.

Swenson notes, "RedPrairie's culture and dedicated team really impressed us. It was clear during the sales process that they are committed to customer service and desire a long-term relationship with Polaris."

RedPrairie Company Leader John Jazwiec says, "Optimizing labor productivity and parcel shipment operations are two key areas where companies can substantially reduce costs and improve customer service. RedPrairie's advanced distribution solutions are helping customers like Polaris save millions of dollars annually by making better use of internal and external resources. The results are greater efficiency, faster, more accurate deliveries, and increased customer satisfaction"

Polaris expects to rollout RedPrairie's suite of supply chain execution solutions to its Vermillion, SD distribution center in the third quarter of 2004.

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